Fantasy Bit
Welcome visitor! You've stumbled upon the collection of random things known as Fantasy Bit. Take a look around and enjoy. For the image heavy pages, if something doesn't load right away, just refresh and it will.

Coding Art: Some of my personal coding notes.
Not Another About Page: Indeed it is.
Eeveelutions: Pixel adoptable eeveelutions from Pokemon.
Pocket Ronin: Pixel adoptable samurai from Ronin Warriors.
Electric Mouse: Mouse click special effects and pikachu.
Adventure League: My Dungeons and Dragons characters.
Beware the Call: My Call of Cthulhu characters.
Reno Pixels: Pixels of Reno of the Turks from FFVII.
Digital Bard: My Vocaloid fanart gallery.
Mushroom Kingdom: My Super Mario fanart gallery.
Manicute: Pictures of my nail art.
Sticker Colors: Decal manicures.
Just Poke It: Polymer clay fanart and art.
Momento: Stickers as souvenirs of my cosplays.
I Will Never Be A Memory: A layout archive.
In the Distance: Tileable backgrounds in many colors.
Block City: My Minecraft creations.
Let's Play: Pictures of games with custom characters.
Legend of the Seven Stars: A Super Mario RPG gallery.
Journey: Buttons to link me and links out.
Neocities: My Neocities profile.

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